Mixed Reactions On Adele’s Weightloss

Well not everyone is pleased with the new Adele.

The British singer was criticized for being plus size when she first exploded on the scene for her debut album “19” in 2008.
She then lost weight, but not quite enough to please others.
Famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld apologized in 2012, after having reportedly called the Grammy winner “a little too fat.”
Then, during a “60 Minutes” segment, she explored body confidence with

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and said she never felt pressure to look a certain way.
Adele has soared to even greater heights as an artist in the years since. She is also a mother, married, and divorced.
Adele, now 32, looks thinner ever since she became famous in an Instagram post Wednesday in celebration of her birthday.
When it comes to our stars we as a culture enjoy a before and after. Each alteration of personalities, physical or otherwise, always leads to a collective judgment of whether that is positive or evil. But is Adele ‘s new presence to be praising somehow condemning how she looked before? Or should we just accept the transformation?

The latest photograph of Adele caused a lot of buzz on social media, where people had already weighed in on her apparent weight loss back in January.
Commentary about Adele looking svelte came after pictures of her have been published on the beach in Anguilla.

With celebrities, we tend to feel able to speak on them more openly when we buy their songs, or watch their videos. We know them but we don’t know them, so what is the harm in expressing our opinions?
But the body of Adele is her own. Likewise, how she wants to look is her own business and not a reflection of her craft, extraordinary talent or professional achievements. She sold millions of records, had four No. 1 Billboard hits, won 15 Grammys, and sold out countless stadiums, all of which were different in scale.
Yeah, Adele lost weight. But she is still Adele.

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