Nina Turner blasts Debra Messing

Former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner blasted Debra Messing for claiming that a 2020 Kanye West proposal would “blow” Black votes away from Joe Biden.

On the fourth weekend of July, West sent shock waves across the political and culture worlds, as West said through a tweet that he was entering the presidential race.

“We will now understand America’s dream by believing Him, unifying our mission and constructing our future,” the rapper and fashion mogul said. “I am vying for the President of the United States!

While it is uncertain whether West will actually launch a 2020 campaign, Messing took the tweet very seriously and sounded the alarm on Sunday that his candidacy could hand the November election to President Trump, responding to another Twitter user who speculated that the rapper and the president had devised a plan to “remove whatever support they can from Biden as a last ditch effort.”

“Sure,” Messing said. “He ‘s playing Jill Stein. He ‘s trying to get you black voters out of Biden. It’s awful.”

Turner didn’t sit well with the tweet.

“You can’t stop swimming, can you @DebraMessing? Your connotation is racial,” Turner said to the “Will & Grace” star. “Our vote should be won every election cycle. 2. We can think for ourselves and don’t need your help. 3. Sometimes it’s best to stay out of family business.”

On Monday, Messing fired back, insisting that the Western tweet was a ploy to help the president.

“Oh PLEASE, Nina. Kanye is an avowed Trump supporter. Trump’s numbers have plummeted, Trump is doubling down on his racist platform at Mt Rushmore, and 100 days before the election Kanye is going to announce NOW? I thought you were smarter than Nina. It’s clearly an attempt to help Trump,” Messing wrote. “Biden swept the AA vote in the South. Kanye has millions of young AA fans. It’s not racist to say that Kanye can take Biden’s leaning voters away from him. It’s NUMBERS. STATISTICS. If you want to use this to catch your spotlight, by any means. If you really care about the AA community having their votes counted, I’ll have Stacey Abrams call [you] when I talk to her this week.”

Kanye West has repeatedly floated the presidential bid in the past, but has also expressed support for President Trump, tweeting the image of himself sporting the famous “Make America Great Again” hat and generating a media circus during his visit to the White House in 2018.

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