Shia LaBeouf tattooed his whole chest

Shia LaBeouf is not one who can shy away from his acting roles.

Over the last few years, the once-troubled actor has garnered critical acclaim, especially for his film “Honey Boy,” in which he starred as a fictionalized version of his own father.

Currently, the actor is starring in “The Tax Collector,” directed by David Ayer, who also directed LaBeouf, 34, in “Fury” in 2014.

Yesterday, 52, in an interview with Slash Film, LaBeouf named “one of the best actors I’ve worked with” and revealed that the actor was making a shocking transformation in preparation for the role.

“He’s one of the best actors I’ve worked with, and he’s the most dedicated to body and soul,” said the director. “He had a tooth pulled on ‘Fury,’ and then on ‘Tax Collector,’ he had his entire chest tattooed. Yeah, he’s sort of going all in, and I’ve never met anyone who did that.”

“The Tax Collector” follows a pair of criminal lord employees whose business is overturned. It’s due to be released on August 7. George Lopez is expected to appear as well.

Aside from LaBeouf, Ayer worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars — Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves among them — and opened up about what it’s like to do with the royalty of the showbiz.

“They ‘re very conscious of what they’re bringing to the computer, and they need to know that you’ve got their backs. It’s about figuring out what the strengths are, so let’s double the strengths,” he said. “So it’s also knowing what kind of characters work for them, because then everyone has their own intangible aspect that you have to figure out how to catch with a camera. Because you’re stars for a reason, and you’re learning how to find that quality because follow it on the screen.”

He went on, gushing over his former leading men.

“With Brad … you need time with him because he’s relentless. He likes to do new things. He’s not going anywhere until every drop of sweat is on the field. Amazing work ethic,” said the director.

“Just the same with Keanu. All these guys really have amazing discipline and work ethic. With Keanu, we put him through loads of weapons training and law enforcement training. He’s just so caring and concentrated, and he just showed up and did his homework without complaint, day after day.”

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