• Olivia Jade Backlash

    YouTube remains dedicated to pointing out racial actions as thousands of demonstrators take to the streets around the country over the weekend to condemn the shooting of George Floyd by the police.

  • Elon Musk and Grimes change baby’s name.

    However, the artist did not offer any further insight into the purpose behind the move. Family Law Attorney David Glass has already advised People Magazine that although the initial name is legally legitimate, California only allows the usage of 26 characters in the English language for baby names.


    Two days earlier, Doja Cat was heavily scrutinized on social media for engaging in discriminatory video chats and making racially offensive music in her past. At the end of Sunday’s Instagram message, Doja Cat admits her faults and apologizes even though she declines to take part in any racial discussion. After the firestorm, she took

  • Hollywood Exec Steals From Charity

    William Sadleir, 66, of Beverly Hills , California, former chairman and chief executive officer of Aviron Pictures, faces criminal allegations of wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements to a financial company, and making false statements to the Small Business Administration, the Department of Justice said.

  • Hagen Mills, Possible Murder Suicide

    Hagen Mills, an actor who appeared in the “Baskets” television series, died on Tuesday after he allegedly shot his young daughter ‘s mother, police said in Mayfield, KY. Officers rushed to a 911 call Tuesday night at a home where a woman had been shot. The woman, Erica Price, sustained bullet wounds on her arm

  • Pat Sajak sides with out-of-work Americans

    Ah! COVID-19, the taker of jobs and the maker of tillionaires. Long-standing “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak asked how talk show hosts and media leaders — working remotely — advise those in financial difficulty to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, Sunday, “it’s okay to question the premise.” He wrote on Twitter.“When a disc jockey

  • Mixed Reactions On Adele’s Weightloss

    Well not everyone is pleased with the new Adele. The British singer was criticized for being plus size when she first exploded on the scene for her debut album “19” in 2008. She then lost weight, but not quite enough to please others. Famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld apologized in 2012, after having reportedly called